That Thing Called Balance

During numerous mental health speaking gigs around the country, one of the key questions I get asked by audience members is, “With so much going on, and so many things you do, how do you unwind and find balance?”

We’ll get to my response in a moment, but firstly – what even is balance? It’s a concept that some say is dying in this day and age, due to the growing pressures and expectations (personally and professionally), constant stimulation and increasing pace of the world around us. All of these factors are real, and ever so present, but it’s how
we respond and deal with them that can make all the difference.


you-can-sleep-when-you-re-dead“Sleep’s for when you’re dead right?!” I used to swear by this phrase for years, pushing myself to achieve impossible deadlines, working late nights where a 3am bedtime was not uncommon. Though more recently, I’ve established just how important balance is in my life. It all comes down to the brutal fact that burnout is REAL. And it’s a bitch!

It got to the point last year, where all those crazy late nights, last minute deadlines, and the stress of managing two full-time jobs, had all hit the overload button. No matter how many times my body tried to shout “help, I need a break!” I kept pushing. The result – a super stressed, shell of a human. The interesting part however; it doesn’t necessarily have to be a trade off. I’ve learnt to listen to myself a lot more, and have come to appreciate the importance of balance – and as a result, I actually get more done!

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