Kathy Forest – Director, Dutiful Daughters

Joel presented to our team of community care workers and nurses as part of our in house training programmes and work health safety meetings. Joel engaged extremely well with the team and listened to their first hand experiences with clients, friends and families to gauge their basis for attending the talk.

The topic of mental health “the disease you can’t see” can be a confronting subject to many people and the way Joel spoke of his experiences, case studies and professional understanding was with a fresh approach where he provided tangible strategies for supporting people in the community.
 Kathy Forrest 2
“Joel has a good sense of humour, is extremely engaging, down to earth but a true professional.  It is obvious in his presentation skills that he is passionate about his work, he talks from the heart but substantiates this with his education and training.”
Joel gave our staff a lot to think about and practical skills to support their clients including the simple steps of social inclusion, motivation and a space to talk freely about their feelings.  This also helped make our staff feel good about what they offer and what they are doing to help in their network and community.